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Florida is Hiring! What does this mean for you?

There's no doubt Florida's economy is booming. Combine the increase in companies moving to the state with the confidence current Florida based companies have, top talent is becoming a rare commodity. As you set up for growth in the 2021 & 2022, we suggest a few ways that you can stand out amongst your competitor:

1. Flexibility- COVID has shown employers that many employees are able to be successful while working from home. Employees want flexibility. In industries where possible, employers need to be offering a remote option.

2. Compensation- There's an interesting dynamic coming out of 2020. We are seeing companies that were able to do extremely well or a sharp 180 to companies that struggled. With this you see employees you may have been generously bonused or employees that did not receive a pay increase and are looking for one now.

3. Speed- There's an old saying "Time Kills All Deals." It's applicable to almost anything in life but especially hiring. Once you start hiring you need to be ready to move quickly with interviews & offers. If you're not, your competitor will be.

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