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Don't Wait to the New Year: Why the Holidays are Great for Job Searching

When it comes to job searching, there are certain times of year that are better than others. While many people believe that the new year is the best time to search for a job, the reality is that job searching during the holidays can be even better. Here are a few reasons why.

You Have More Time to Focus on Your Job Search

You have more time to focus on your job search during the holidays due to potential downtime. Either you maybe have some PTO you need to use or lose or perhaps your current employer shuts down for a period during the holidays, either way, this is a perfect time to update your resume, search for open positions, and network with potential employers.

Managing your job search is also easier when you don’t have as many day-to-day responsibilities. This gives you more time to work on your mental and physical health, as well as pursue other goals. With a clear mind, you can ace your interview and land the job.

More Networking Opportunities.

With the holidays, come holiday parties. This is a great time to take advantage of these get-togethers to meet new people and increase your chances of finding potential employers. While you shouldn’t go to every party, consider going to those where companies that you would like to work for may be in attendance. Take this opportunity to learn more about the companies that interest you and sell yourself. If you don’t already have contacts at these companies, see if someone you know may be able to make an introduction for you.

Check out this guide on what to do and not do at professional holiday parties.

Less Competition

The holidays are typically a slower time for businesses, so fewer job seekers compete for roles. Companies also tend to be less busy during this time meaning they can afford to be more selective and give potential employees more attention. Since the competition is less when searching for a job during the holidays, this is the perfect time to pitch yourself and make a great first impression.

Many companies are also more relaxed with their hiring during this time of year.

While hiring managers can sometimes be very particular and demanding when it comes to applicants, during the holidays hiring managers may become more relaxed due to feeling less pressure to fill open positions before the new year begins. Once the new year begins, there is more demand causing the hiring process to accelerate and hiring managers to be more taxed for time.

More Negotiating Power

You also may have more negotiating power when it comes to your salary at the end of the year. Many companies may have an excess in their hiring budgets that they may need to use prior to the new year. This can give you an upper hand when it comes to negotiating salary. Once the new year hits, companies may be conservative with their hiring budgets.

You can also negotiate your paid time off. Most companies will honor your existing time off requirements, as long as they do not interfere with a busy working period or conflict with teammates’ time off.

More Time to Interview

During the holidays, companies have more time to review candidates and schedule interviews. This isn’t to say that it won’t be hard to get an interview if your résumé doesn’t seem like a perfect fit, but having a whole month prior to the busy new year to interview makes the process much less rushed and stressful. As a job seeker, you may also find yourself with more availability to interview around the holidays months.

More Temporary Positions

It’s an old job-search strategy: get into the door of a company you want to work for, and you’ll have a much better shot at turning your temporary job into a full-time gig. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, some businesses may need to hire temporary help to get through the holiday season. You could find yourself in the perfect position to make a great first impression and get hired for a temporary position that could eventually turn into a permanent one.

Don’t wait until the new year to search for a new job – take advantage of the holidays to make a great impression and land a new career opportunity. Weigh the pros and cons of interviewing and applying during this busy time and do what’s best for you.

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