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2020 brought the year of work-life flow to the forefront and it's not going anywhere. Make the most of your summer time with our top tips:

  1. Start your morning right: Starting your morning on the right foot sets the tone for the entire day. Whether you want to spend breakfast with a loved one, workout, or read. Prioritize it!

  2. PTO is meant to be used: In 2020, employers saw a decrease in employees utilizing their paid time off. Taking time away from work ultimately leads to happier & more productive employees. Encourage your team to take time for themselves and actually take time for yourself!

  3. People need sunshine: The summer is a great time to think outside the box with your employees and clients. Plan an outdoors lunch, round of golf, or sporting event. Invite your family or friends to join you for lunch during the work day, have a picnic or sit outside at a restaurant. This allows you to spend extra time with your loved ones. The main goal- get outside- fresh air is rejuvenating.

  4. Talk a walk: Allow yourself to take breaks. Gone are the days of sitting for 9 straight hours. Set a calendar reminder to take a 5 minute walk every hour, spend your lunch time walking, or attend a lunch time work out class. Moving your body is great for your mind as well!

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